Admission for international students

Citizens of foreign countries can apply to BSTU on following conditions.

An international student can apply to only one institution and choose only one program.

Languages of instruction are Russian and English.

A foreign student can submit their application fon weekdays from 10am to 5pm directly in University.

List of required documents:

  1. Application form.
  2. Identification card (original and notarized translation into Russian of the first page + 1 copy without notarization).
  3. The academic achievements certificate and the list of subjects studied and the grades (original documents and a notarized translation into Russian + 1 copy without notarization, if it is a Russian type document, only a notarized copy needed).
  4. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, education certificates issued in another state can be admitted (accepted by Russian authorities and organizations) only with legalization. To check whether your academic certificate requires consular legalization or Apostille, click here.
  5. Certificate of equivalence (if necessary).
  6. Medical documents (issued on the territory of the Russian Federation):
  • A certificate with data on chronic diseases (Form 086-U),
  • HIV infection test result,
  • RV test result,
  • Hepatitis B test result,
  • The medical assessment report about the vaccinations made, certified by the seal of the medical institution with the date of vaccination,
  • Fluorography study result.
  1. A copy of the entry visa to the Russian Federation (in case you need an entry visa), a copy of the migration card.
  2. 6 photos of 3 × 4 size (matte).

Foreign citizens applying for the first year of the BA program are tested for Russian proficiency (written test and interview) and subjects in their major.

Foreign citizens who are charged fees for education (not state-funded), have to sign the contract with the University for the provision of paid educational services and pay fees.

In case you successfully pass the entrance tests, pay fees, and provide admission staff with a medical insurance, you are admitted to the university. You can get the medical insurance in Centre of International Education and Partnership or Department of International Students Foundation Courses.

If you have any question concerning your application, send email with the subject "Admission" to:

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